Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Dozen Examples

73. Create and sponsor a contest (thank you, Rodney).
74. Write your memoir - or a friend's or relative's.
75. Create and stage a guerilla theater event in a local public place.
76. Drive around all five Great Lakes.
77. Host weekly dinner parties with different guests at each one.
78. Learn pyrotechnics and give a show on a patriotic holiday.
79. Create a great Lego structure (or K'nex or sploids).
80. Take a roller coaster tour.
81. Read blogs on subjects that interest you and post comments daily (and/or start your own blog).
82. Learn how to rosemal.
83. Share one of your passions with children.
84. Become an expert player of a video game.


  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas of activities and pasttimes for retirement. (I first saw your comment on NPR's website.) I am also about 8 years away from retirement and have been thinking alot about what i will do with myself. Hopefully my retirement accounts will bounce back in the next few years, but even if they hold steady and don't lose any further, i am pretty confident i can find a "comfortable" (everyone has a different definition) lifestyle that is sustainable...provided my health remains good. So my concern and thoughts have been on what will i do with my "silver" years and where. A couple of years ago i actually had a dream wherein i relocated with my little dog from one small town or village to another every year or so. Mostly i was abroad, learning the local language and especially learning how the average person lived, shopped, and went about their daily lives in various countries. I still like that dream and decided maybe it would be best to start practicing moving around in the U.S. since there are alot of places i haven't been and culture differs greatly from one part of the country to another. But then, maybe it would be best to stay put, stay comfortable with no risk, and get busy in my community and pursue my hobbies and some of ideas on your list. Hmmm.

  2. Hi Barbara - thanks for the comment. I really like this idea; in fact, if you scroll down to my first list of ideas on January 1, you'll see that my Idea #1 was very similar, except I'm thinking more like 3 months in one place. I've seen some Web sites and read a book about home exchanges which could make this idea pretty feasible financially. Aside from the travel expense to get to your exchange home, it shouldn't cost too much more to live there than in your real home. You're also more likely to be in a neighborhood where you can interact with "regular folks" and observe daily life, as opposed to staying in a hotel.