Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Dozen Examples

49. Make mobiles.
50. Become a sports announcer for a local team (even a kids team).
51. Take a great railroad trip.
52. Be a (nude?) model for art classes.
53. Become a sharpshooter.
54. Make a documentary video.
55. Record books on tape for the visually impaired.
56. Design, build and fly kites.
57. Go to camps for grandparents and grandchildren
58. Give respite care for an overburdened caregiver and run errands for him or her.
59. Train for and run a race - 10K, half marathon or marathon.
60. Brew beer.

1 comment:

  1. Bruce - it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Mentor's meeting and hearing about your blog. I applaud your "thinking ahead". I think the tough part is that we high performance guys got so much out of our careers, often neglecting the kind of leisure activities that could be meaningful during our retirement time. Myself, I don't consider myself fully retired yet - and am hot on the trail of trying to find some things that will bring meaning and a sense of value to my life. I will pursue your list with great interest - and maybe send you a couple of idea of my own. Best regards, Eric Lieberman (