Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Dozen Examples

61. Build a treehouse.
62. Lead the restoration of a habitat, or a vacant lot, or a small park.
63. Write down and analyze your dreams.
64. Learn American Sign Language.
65. Become a backyard astronomer.
66. Do a work tour with a not-for-profit organization, either domestically or in another country.
67. Play Internet chess, bridge, poker or another game.
68. Develop a stand-up comedy routine and deliver it at a comedy club on amateur night.
69. Learn to recognize by sound 100 or more famous classical works of music.
70. Go horseback riding.
71. Take a "blue highway" tour (drive entirely on secondary roads).
72. Paint a ceramic dinnerware set (or several).


  1. Bruce,

    I love this list. Here's another: 73. Create a contest. (You can be the judge, or a member on a panel of judges). For example, the contest could be a writing, drawing, or talent contest. You make the rules and the contest could be as broad or as narrow as one wishes. Narrow example: A drawing contest for a fourth grade class at a local grade school. The subject could be a picture of what the entrant likes about living in their hometown. As the sponsor you could create the rules, organize the event (timing, logistics, etc.) and get business sponsors to contribute something towards prizes, etc. Just a thought...RV

  2. RV - thanks for the comment. I think it's a great idea and I'll add it to my next dozen list. Feel free to add more ideas of your own.