Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Dozen Examples

13. Learn to give a great massage and give a massage a day to a partner or friend.
14. Perform volunteer work in a political campaign for a cause or candidate you really believe in.
15. Learn how to create a Website and build one on a topic that interests you.
16. Write a set of Christmas carols.
17. Do a complete makeover of your backyard.
18. Visit a major museum every day for three months, focusing on one or two rooms per day.
19. Take on a project for a not-for-profit organization that it does not have staff to do and cannot afford to hire someone to do.
20. Get into the best physical condition of your life, or as close as you can get.
21. Experiment with a new recipe every day. Share extra food with others. Create your own recipe book with the successful recipes from the HarvilleQuarter and your other favorites and give it to your friends and family.
22. See a baseball game in every major league park (could also be hockey, football, basketball or cultural events - for example, attend a concert in every major hall).
23. Build a cabin for your personal retreat.
24. Sign up for a community garden space and create a great vegetable garden. Give away the produce you can't use yourself.

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