Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Dozen Examples

25. Design and make a set of Christmas ornaments - in fact, make several sets and give them away for Christmas presents - using a number of media.
26. Ride every bike trail in Wisconsin.
27. Create a Web site for the exclusive use of your extended family.
28. Work on an archeological dig.
29. Volunteer for a theater company - as a performer, director, set designer/builder, lighting designer/operator, props manager, stagehand, gofer, or whatever appeals to you and is needed by the company.
30. Learn to juggle.
31. Take piano lessons (or some other instrument you already know) and give a recital.
32. Build a great model railroad.
33. Complete a different jigsaw puzzle every day and track the total number of pieces.
34. Create and follow a fantasy stock portfolio.
35. Design and create your dream room.
36. Create a set of children's books.

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